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7/18/2019Masi JulieCareer newsFames is not bad for your image, or is it? Absolutely, NO! I am yet to see a human being who dislikes a little appreciation. It’s, thus, no surprise that TikTok lovers increase by the second. Over 45.8 million individuals had installed the app in 2018’s first quarter.
6/17/2019Jose NickanorPublicationsSmart light switches are smart power switches that are connected to the internet. They allow you to control the lighting, fans, and sockets in your home.
5/21/2019Jose NickanorConferencesThe home security system is now the good way for security.
5/16/2019Jose NickanorResearch projectsFrom simple 1 page sites to more complex E-Commerce sites we have had years of experience creating beautiful websites to suit our clients needs.
5/15/2019Jose NickanorResearch projectsIf you’re planning on renovating your living room, or you are completing a project for a client, it is important to know that lighting design within this space can make or break the room.
7/18/2018Macedo Huaman Fredy AldoPublicationsHello: I share with you all an essay of mine that has just been published in the journal Estudios of ITAM (Mexico): "Democratic politics in the contemporary turbulence". Regards!
4/27/2018Rihoux BenoîtConferencesHello, I am offering a new "Seasoned Scholars Workshop: Multi-Method Designs, Case-oriented and Comparative Methods" in Budapest (26-28 July). It is a small-group workshop, tailored for scholars with significant research experience and organised on a flexible basis to meet their specific needs.
11/6/2017López Rubí C. José RamónPublicationsEn la línea de "Les Intraduisibles", un diccionario de errores de traducción del inglés al español.
10/19/2017Adiong Nassef ManabilangCall for papers2018 PHISO International Conference: “Re-thinking Regions in Global International Relations”
9/13/2017López Rubí C. José RamónPublicationsNuevo y breve diccionario "vivo" de "maltraducidos" (inglés-español).
3/1/2016Aramburu LeandroCall for papersCfA: 6th Berlin Summer School in Social Sciences - Linking Theory and Empirical Research, Berlin 17-28 July 2016. The program aims at promoting young researchers by strengthening their methodological understanding in linking theory and empirical research.
9/8/2015Schaffer FredericPublicationsMy new book: Elucidating Social Science Concepts: An Interpretivist Guide
8/12/2015Perez Idiart HugoPublicationsGlosario: Autocategorización, Etología humana, Fronteras-Territorialidad, Fronteras geoculturales, Globalización , Identidad, Poder emergente, Pos-internacional, Racionalidad epistémica, Relativismo conceptual, etc.
8/10/2015Siewert MarkusCall for papersIPSA World Congress in Istanbul (July 23-28, 2016) The RC on Concepts and Methods has accepted the panel "Set-Theoretical Approaches and the Study of Inequalities". The CfP is open until Oct. 7th 2015. For more information regarding the topic of the panel, see the link provided below
4/8/2015Beach DerekConferencesThe Workshops on Social Science Research at Concordia University is offering two qualitative methods training tracks in collaboration with the ECPR Method Schools. The training tracks are 'interpretive methods' and 'case study methods', offered over a two-week period from May 19-29, 2015.
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